"Roach Revealed" is the third of several short comic strips written by CD Projekt RED and illustrated by Polapaz-IsisT. It was published on 6 May 2016. It was preceded by "Uncivil War" and followed by "Where is Iorveth?".

Ever wondered what's up with Roach? Here's the third comic in a series we're doing together with Polapaz-IsisT. [1]

Contributes Edit

  • Polapaz-IsisT (artist from Taiwan)

Translations Edit

  • Flag germany Deutsch: Das Plötze-Geheimnis
  • Flag uk Flag USA English: Roach Revealed
  • Flag france French: Ablette Démasquée
  • Flag poland Polish: Zdemaskowana Płotka

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References Edit

  1. Official the Witcher facebook post
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