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Roderick was the ruler of Dun Tynne within Toussaint though, unlike other vineyard owners, he was reclusive, preferring to go hunt and surround himself with a small team of knights, though these knights were little more than thugs with crests on their shields.

Biography Edit

He inherited the domain from his grandfather, who once served as counselor of Duchess Adela Marta. During his reign, he refused protection from the Ducal Guard and created his own group of knight-robbers, the so-called Dun Tynne Guard.

In 1275, he was approached by Syanna to allow her and her gang to stay at his place. Knowing she was the disinherited princess of Toussaint, he agreed, not realizing the darker plans Syanna was about to put into play using his base as her headquarters.

Later on, his estate soon fell under attack by the ducal guard, who now knew certain people inside had something to do with Rhena's abduction, the blackmailers, and possibly Syanna being involved in all this. Roderick, realizing he'd been an idiot, tried to make a break for it but was stopped by Geralt. Not knowing anything about any abduction, he informed the witcher that he shouldn't have let her and her gang in and she was up in the tower. He was arrested, though Geralt later informed Anna Henrietta that if anything, he should be charged for being an idiot, as he had nothing to do with the events and murders that transpired.

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