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Roegner de Salm was the son of a prince of Salm in Ebbing and the husband of Queen Calanthe and father of Pavetta.


Born in Salm, the capital of the principality with the same name in Ebbing, he only held the title of Duke de Salm. Therefore, when he was approached to marry Queen Calanthe of Cintra, he didn't hesitate to accept, despite all the weird relationship rumors about the queen, as it was a step up from his title as duke. So when he was 24 years old, they married and he became king of Cintra. To hide the fact that Roegner wasn't royalty by blood, he was then referred to as Roegner of Ebbing.[1]

In 1236, two years after he married Calanthe, Roegner was hunting in Erlenwald and got lost. As he wandered around the pathless tracts, he fell from his horse into a ravine and sprained his legs, leaving him immobile at the bottom of the gully. He tried calling for help but was initially answered only by predators but luckily for him, Duny found and saved him. As a reward, Duny then invoked the Law of Surprise which promised him "whatever he had left at home without knowing or expecting it." Pavetta was born later that year who would become Duny's reward.

Some gossipers believed that if Calanthe couldn't produce a male heir, Roegner planned to poison his wife and then take a younger, more fertile princess as queen and to avoid this, Calanthe would secretly assassinate her husband.[2] However, none of this appeared to be true concerning the couple.

Around 1245, at age 35, he passed away to the plague (or smallpox[1]) and was buried in the royal crypt beneath the castle. However, just before he died, he finally revealed to his wife the reward he promised Duny all those years ago, knowing Calanthe would be furious with him if he'd revealed it sooner. He also revealed to her what Duny looked like, having not been told he'd been cursed.[3]


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