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This self-dubbed knight roams the world defending the honor of his beloved Maid Bilberry - though none are certain where she lives, if she lives still or if she ever lived at all.
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- Gwent description

Ronvid of the Small Marsh was a very inept yet persistent young knight intent on defeating 100 knights to prove his honor for Maid Bilberry in 1272.


To begin his mission, Ronvid appeared just outside Crow's Perch, trying to dare anyone that crossed his path to a duel.

If Geralt runs into him all 3 times: Not paying attention to what Geralt was, Ronvid forced the witcher to fight him but was easily overpowered. He then vowed he'd defeat Geralt later before heading off and eventually ended up just outside Novigrad. Geralt happened to cross his path again and this time Ronvid had a shield and a little bit more armor. However, this didn't help in the least and Ronvid was defeated yet again. After this, Ronvid finally realized Geralt was a witcher and proceeded to hire a couple thugs to try and even the playing field, eventually running into the witcher a third time within the Silverton district.

If Geralt uses Axii on them: Now calmed down, Ronvid decided to finally take the witcher's advice and stopped trying to fight him before heading off to sit along the piers.
If Geralt doesn't use Axii: Unswayed by trying to face off against a witcher with 2 thugs with him, Ronvid sadly met his end in Novigrad, having not even defeated one knight.

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  • The difficulty of the fight is elevated with each encounter. He starts off with nothing but a blade. He later appears bearing a shield, while boasting about his training with it. Finally, the knight recruits two allies to assist him.
  • If Ronvid is killed, a document titled To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World may be looted off his body.
  • A girl named Bilberry is mentioned to have died on a post made on a notice board. The notice says that Bilberry was only 4 years old, however it's unclear if this has any relation to Ronvid, although this seems very unlikely.
  • Ronvid could be based on another character from the franchise, the Chevron Knight.



  1. Ronvid's Gwent: The Witcher Card Game card used to have Kaedwen tag, but it was removed from the game alongside all the other national tags during the Homecoming update.

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