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Rough Neighborhood is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Start at the Oxenfurt Harbour signpost. Wander south taking the left path and you ought to find three mercenaries hassling a woman named Dora. Approach them and no matter what you say they'll end up battling you. Try to leave your sword sheathed and take them out with your fists; if you do so you can chat with their target and escort her home.

If you return to Oxenfurt a day or more later, you may be ambushed by five mercenaries in an alley south of the Western Gate. Dora leaps to your rescue. Defeat the baddies together to complete the quest.

Journal entry Edit

War had transformed the once-charming student town of Oxenfurt beyond all recognition. King Radovid had expelled the students and professors, and in their place had come shady characters of all stripes. For example, while there Geralt witnessed some such thugs pestering an Oxenfurt townswoman in a most unbecoming manner.
Geralt stood up for the woman, showing the louts who the real cock of the walk was. My friend might have been created to fight monsters, but I am glad he at times chooses to fight monstrous men as well.

Objectives Edit

  • Escort the woman to her home.

Notes Edit

  • This quest is only available at night.
  • Must've done The Oxenfurt Drunk quest first.