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Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know... is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


To start this quest, go to Dorve Ruins and, just as you enter the village from the signpost, look to the left to see a skeleton. Loot it for an old key and a mysterious map, with the document pointing you to the tower at the other end of the village. While a wraith will spawn after you loot the skeleton, if you move away quickly enough it won't notice you by the time it spawns.

Head to the tower, which is guarded by several sirens, and kill them off. Once dead, enter and climb up the ladder here to reach the chest. You'll need to click twice on it: once to unlock and a second time to loot it.

Journal Entry[]

Geralt found a map on the isle of Undvik with a key attached to it and a location deep in the isle's interior marked on it. This had all the makings of a fine treasure hunt.
Geralt journeyed to the location indicated on the map and found the ruins of an old fortress. Within them: a chest full of treasure - just as he had suspected.


  • Unfold the treasure map.
  • Use the map to find the treasure.