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"That white-haired bloke... Gerard? Gerwant?" — The actual name of this subject is conjectural or unknown.
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From words is our existence shaped.
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- Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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The Runewright is an Ofieri mage-craftsman who, in 1272, set up camp at Upper Mill with his fellow countryman, Dulla kh'Amanni, as they were ordered to station themselves there by their king to learn about the Northern Kingdoms as well as spread their own knowledge.


When he and Dulla set sail for the area, their ship was struck by a storm and while the two managed to survive, along with Dulla's horse Babiyetza, unfortunately the runewright's special tools were lost at sea. As his profession was very expensive and they were now in a foreign land, he couldn't come up with the means to re-create his unique tools and thus wasn't able to offer much when they finally set up camp.

If funded to work on his craft: with a generous amount of capital, the runewright was able to set up a work station behind the windmill and offer his services.

Associated Quests[]


  • If you have the necessary runes for enchanting, he does it for free (though one must first shell out a lot of money to even acquire different levels of craftsmanship).
  • While he can craft both armor and weapons at the Master level, he charges a higher fee than other craftsmen.