Rupert Brandhuber is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He was a Field Medic within Aedirnian Military during the Second Northern War.

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Geralt first encountered Rupert near the ruins of the asylum in the forest beyond Flotsam. The Aedirnian medic claimed he had come to the area with his friend Gridley in search of rare herbs. However, it appeared they had underestimated the dangers lurking in both the forest and the ruins.
Something was missing from his story, however. Rupert had been a medic in a field hospital during the war. He and his friends had committed a crime back then. Years later the wraith of the Nilfgaardian soldier they had tortured to death summoned them to the scene of the crime so to have its revenge.
If Geralt decides to give him and Gridley to the wraith:
Crime begets punishment, and this case was no different. Geralt had no desire to defend murderers, and Rupert and his friend got what they deserved.
If Geralt decides to give him and Gridley to Loredo:
Even though Rupert was a reprehensible criminal, Geralt did not give him to the wraith. Yet he decided the villains must pay for their deeds. Thanks to the unexpected intervention of a certain woman, they were arrested, possibly for other crimes.
If Geralt tells him and Gridley to go away:
Even though Rupert was a complete criminal, Geralt did not give him to the wraith. He was content to drive both villains away.
If the quest fails:
Because later events hit him like an avalanche, Geralt did not have an occasion to learn how Gridley's and Rupert's story ended. We could make conjunctures [sic], but I leave that to the imagination of my readers.

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