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Salma Lilith[1] was a succubus prostitute in Novigrad in 1272. She lived at a house near Glory Lane in southern Novigrad, and practiced her trade at Crippled Kate's brothel.


The madame of Crippled Kate's placed Salma in a house near the brothel, as the succubus had proven rather successful in drawing in customers, and significantly increased the brothel's income. Some time later, Salma had attracted the attention of the Temple Guard some of whom she killed in alleged self-defense. The desiccated bodies of the guards she incinerated were discovered by other Temple Guard members who pooled together a reward to have whichever monster was responsible hunted down.

Geralt of Rivia took on the contract posted on Salma, and discovered her hoof prints near where the bodies were found. Eventually, she was tracked down by the witcher and claimed to him that she was ambushed by the guards and killed them in self-defense, and that she does not kill without reason. Geralt either advised Salma to leave the city, or killed her, deeming the explanation false.

Bestiary Entry[]

I'm not one to lie. Nor do I kill without reason.
– Salma, succubus
The witcher's investigation uncovered that a succubus named Salma was responsible for the string of killings afflicting the Novigrad city guard. This came as a surprise, for succubi do not usually commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder. This is not to say they are not dangerous: they will at times kill on accident, when carried away on a particularly gushing stream of ecstasy. At other times, they kill in self-defense: though they have the look of slender maids from the waist up, their supple limbs hide incredible strength. They are also invulnerable to fire, the Igni Sign included. They present witchers with an intractable dilemma: does this monster, who wishes me no ill yet all the same often causes harm, deserve death, or mercy?
If Geralt advises Salma to leave the city:
That is exactly the perplexing question faced by Geralt of Rivia. In the end he believed Salma and decided to let her go free - though he could not shake off the feeling that he might live to regret that decision.

Associated Quest[]


  • Despite being neither human or non-human, Salma has a red health bar and Steel sword damages her effectively. This could be because she's rendered with similar code as hostile mages in-game, which she shares moveset with.



  1. First name appears in game whether surname in Prima guide