Sarah was a godling whom Geralt met in Novigrad when he was searching for Corinne Tilly in a haunted house.


In the year 1272, Geralt of Rivia was in Novigrad, looking for Ciri, and was told about a house where he could find a local Oneiromancer, by the name of Corinne Tilly. He got to the house and met the house's owner, Rudolf de Jonkheer, who had recently purchased the property, and had experienced strange noises on his first night in the house, such as giggling, and furniture being moved in the attic. He even found feces in the parlor. Rudolf let him in to the house and Geralt immediately heard Corinne suffering, and making strange noises. He headed up the stairs and found her lying on a bed dreaming. He shook her, trying to wake her up, but she was in a trance. He found clues around the house and was able to find the godling Sarah in the basement, hiding in an oven. Sarah told him that she was the one who was "haunting" the house which Rudolf de Jonkheer had recently acquired. She had also put Corinne in the trance, and was confused when Geralt told her not to give the oneiromancer a hard time, as she didn't like nightmares, to which Sarah responded that she loved nightmares, especially the really scary ones. Geralt told her to break the spell on Corinne, and so she did, and Geralt had a tough decision to make.

Geralt forced Sara to leave the house: Geralt, deciding it was best to get Sarah to leave, drove the godling away. Sarah later found a new home, living with another godling named Johnny, and told him about what happened in Novigrad. However, when Geralt crossed Sara's path later on at Bald Mountain, Johnny forgave the witcher for it if only because it allowed the two godlings to meet.

If Geralt let Sara stay in the house: Geralt decided to let Sarah be and told Rudolf that the haunting couldn't be stopped. Corinne and Sarah ended up living together in the house, happier together instead of being apart.

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  • In every journal entry, her name is spelled "Sara", but on screen, the label above her is "Sarah", as is her name in all subtitles.


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