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Savolla, I know him. A mage - as ambitious as he is insane...
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- Triss Merigold regarding Savolla, The Witcher

Savolla was an ambitious mage working for the Salamandra, further training magic under its leader Azar Javed. With an enthralled frightener, Savolla was a vital part of the Salamandra's attack on the School of the Wolf but died during the fight.


Attack on Kaer Morhen[]

Before the attack itself, Savolla had a sort of argument with the Professor, Salamandra's other leader who was afraid there would be no witcher left for him to fight after Savolla led the principal charge.

In May 1270, Savolla accompanied his master Azar Javed and the Professor during the attack on Kaer Morhen. Like other Salamandra mages, he preferred to let the non-magical ranks deal with the actual crossing of swords while he hanged back using magic to summon all sorts of extra foes and effects. Savolla was more powerful than many of his brethren, enough to control a frightener. Even that, however, did not save him from his death at the hands of either Geralt of Rivia or Triss Merigold.[1]


Years later, the hole in the walls of Kaer Morhen left by the Salamandra attack became known as the "Savolla's breach", remaining in place as the Wolf witchers had no time to repair it. The Wild Hunt eventually utilized this weakness during the Battle of Kaer Morhen.[2]

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