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Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2 is a treasure hunt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This section covers finding the enhanced diagrams for the gauntlets, trousers, and steel sword.


The easiest way to get all the markings on the map is to buy Ibrahim Savi's second map from the armorer at Kaer Trolde, which will add all the areas to look for these diagrams.

The gauntlets are found on Ard Skellig, at an unmarked ruin northeast of Rogne and southeast of Fort Etnir. Head up the stairs on the north side to the tower here to find the chest with the gauntlets diagram.

The steel sword is located at Kaer Almhult, on a small island to the west of Eldberg Lighthouse. The former prison is crawling with pirates and guard dogs so be prepared for a tedious fight here. From the main entrance into the courtyard area, head behind the overturned wagon to the right and go up the stairs. The chest is at the end of the small hallway here, containing the steel sword diagram.

The trousers location requires some sailing to get to, as it's on an island northeast of Marlin Coast. On the southern side, near the middle, you'll find a small cave that you'll need to swim into to find the chest, which contains the trousers diagram.

Journal Entry[]

During one of his numerous adventures, Geralt got his hands on a map covered with strange markings. He quickly deduced that they indicated the locations of hidden witcher caches and, intrigued by the chance of discovering long-lost crafting schematics, he set out to find them.
Geralt found all the caches marked on the map and recovered the crafting schematics contained therein. With these in hand, he could add life-saving improvements to his combat gear. He did not know how many more such caches remained undiscovered in the world - but hoped one day he would have the chance to find more.


  • Find the gauntlets upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the gauntlets upgrade diagram.
  • Find the steel sword upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the steel sword upgrade diagram.
  • Find the trousers upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the trousers upgrade diagram.