As with normal Scavenger Hunts, there are purchasable maps that reveal the starting location for each of the treasure hunts. One can purchase these maps from specific merchants.

The Treasure maps are optional as one can find the diagrams without the maps as well.

Basic Edit

The Basic set of Cat School Gear can be equipped at level 17.

Feline armor set Edit

Cat School Witcher Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 65 - Let's Play Hard

Cat School Witcher Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 65 - Let's Play Hard

Cat School Gear diagram locations

Travel to the northwest of Novigrad, to the Electors' Square signpost. From there find the stairs directly west of the signpost and head down them towards the south. At the bottom make a sharp right (west) and down another few steps. Pass the large brazier and the priest on your left hand and continue down the left side of the slope, the steep slope. At the first opportunity on the slope, take a sharp left (southwest), then down a few steps and follow along another slope downward. At the bottom, near a regular brazier, make a right (west) and go around the building (don't go further down the slope you see left, but stick to the building on your right), you'll end up going north now. Follow the path. If you see two wooden wash tubs on your right hand in the grass then you're on the right path. The path stops a little bit further north. Drop down here and follow the path as it wraps around the cliff, leading you towards the cave entrance.

Use the Eye of Nehaleni to open the cave, inside a Golem is guarding the cave. From the main cave entrance follow the tunnel to the left until you reach some statues. Use the levers until they all face the center of the room. This will cause the floor to open up. Kill the three drowners, grab a key off the bottom of the pool and return to the main cave area where you killed the Golem. Use the key to open the door which the Golem was guarding. Inside the next room you will encounter Mad Kiyan, who will attack you on sight. Defeat him to get the diagrams.

Feline Steel Sword Diagram Edit

Go to Drahim Castle signpost. The diagram is down a few ladders once you step inside the castle.

Feline Silver Sword Diagram Edit

The exact location has a signpost called Est Tayiar. This is located to the northeast of Oxenfurt and directly east of the Temerian Partisan Camp. Look inside the tunnel for a brick wall that can be smashed with Aard. Here you can find the diagram.

Feline Crossbow Diagram Edit

Located in the shipwreck of the Flying Stag, to the southwest of the lighthouse (which in turn is south west of Novigrad). Swim or sail to the location, climb on board and drop through the deck to find a chest with the diagram (the crossbow requires a minimum level of 29 to be used).

Enhanced Edit

The Enhanced set of Cat School Gear can be equipped at level 23.

Enhanced Feline armor Diagram Edit

Head to the Aeramas' Abandoned Manor, located straight east of Oxenfurt. Go up some stone steps, on the upper level a chest with the diagram can be found.

Enhanced Feline gauntlets Diagram Edit

Go to Codgers' Quarry, located north between Hanged Man's Tree and Stonecutters' Settlement. You're looking for a cave, in a chest inside that cave is the diagram.

Enhanced Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 85 - Let's Play Hard

Enhanced Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 85 - Let's Play Hard

Enhanced Cat School Gear diagram locations

Enhanced Feline boots Diagram Edit

East of Toderas and north of Benek there is a cave where the diagram can be found. The cave has two marked entrances, the chest can be found just past the north entrance where the Witcher mark is located. Head into the cave a short distance going south and the chest will be on your right hand against the cave wall. Marking the location are some vertical tree roots on the left side of the passage.

Enhanced Feline trousers Diagram Edit

Go into the house next to the Oxenfurt journeyman blacksmith. Once inside go to a room at ground level with bloodstains on the floor, and down ladder on the right of the Witcher symbol on the wall. Once down the ladder use Aard to break through the brick wall. In the next room there will be iron gates on either side. Use your witcher senses to identify a brick, which should be on the right side of the room. Press the brick to open a hidden room containing a chest with the diagram.

Feline steel sword - enhanced Diagram Edit

Start at Reardon Manor and head to the northeast. You'll eventually come to a cave halfway between Lurtch and Benek, (which is the "hog hut" of the Fools' Gold quest.) Inside is a chest with the diagram.

Feline silver sword - enhanced Diagram Edit

Head into Novigrad using the Oxenfurt Gate. As you come into the city, look for a merchant in a building directly in front of you. Look for a bush and bare trees next to a wooden scaffolding a short ways to the right. There is a ladder hidden in there. Climb it and enter the building, then go to the top and find the chest with the diagram.

Superior Edit

The Superior set of Cat School Gear can be equipped at level 29.

Feline Superior Armor Set Edit

Superior Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 174 - Let's Play Hard

Superior Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 174 - Let's Play Hard

Superior Cat School gear diagram locations

The closest waypoint is Dragonslayer's Grotto. Travel into southwestern direction towards the peninsula on the coast. Aiming for the abandoned shack on the west side of the road, and then onwards in the southwestern direction towards the ruins on the map. There's an Earth Elemental wandering the site, so once you spot him you know you've found the place.

The Witcher Mark can be found on piece of ruined wall just north of the site. The chest containing all the armor diagram is inside the largest remainder of the ruins (the ones shaped like a tilted 'P').

Feline steel sword - superior Diagram Edit

Travel to Cavern, located on the shore to the north of the city of Novigrad. The Witcher mark can be found outside on a stone on the beach. Enter the cavern to the north, you'll find a golem inside guarding it. The diagram can be found in one of the chests.

Feline silver sword - superior Diagram Edit

Found east of Ursten, following the winding path into the bog. Follow the path until there's a small cliff dropping off to your right (located south) where you'll find a monster den, head towards it. The Witcher Mark is just outside the cave on the right side. Make your way inside, you'll encounter Nekkers inside and a rabid rock troll. In the first chamber where you found the troll, use your Witcher senses to look for stalagmites located on a small ledge along the eastern wall. Using Aard blast them away, climb up and find the chest with the diagram.

Mastercrafted Edit

The Mastercrafted set of Cat School Gear can be equipped at level 34.

Mastercrafted gears can only be forged by a master armorer and blacksmith. They are unlocked after completing Master Armorers and Of Swords and Dumplings.

Mastercrafted Feline Armor set Edit

Mastercrafted Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 175 - Let's Play Hard

Mastercrafted Cat School Gear - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 175 - Let's Play Hard

Mastercrafted Cat School gear diagram locations

Travel to Trottheim and head south through a small valley towards the shore. If not available travel to Harviken and start traveling east over the roads, aiming for the boat on the southern shore. You'll come upon a monster den just west of that boat. The Witcher mark is located on the left when facing the entrance to the cave. Enter the cave and head on straight, the chest containing all four diagrams is located beyond the left statue (the statues are unrelated to these diagrams) and hidden behind a couple stalagmites

Feline silver sword - mastercrafted Diagram Edit

Head to the most southern Skellige island and travel to the Harviken. Go east towards a monster den. Head inside and follow the right tunnel, using your Witcher Senses to spot a wall you can smash through with Aard. Inside you'll find the diagram.

Feline steel sword - mastercrafted Diagram Edit

Located at Kaer Gelen. To get there travel to Miners' Camp, or if that Signpost is unkown yet go to Rogne and then leave north east following the path, going south as soon as the road splits, continuing south untill you reach Miners' Camp.

From Miners' Camp follow the road further south and go east when the road splits off that direction. Continue east until the road splits again northward, follow it that direction toward the ruined castle of Kaer Gelen. Access the castle from the opened gate on its' eastern side. Go in, take a left turn. Once you reach a burning torch on the wall you'll find the Witcher Mark on the opposite wall. Go right here up the stairs. There will be a break in the left wall with a broken metal grate. Inside you'll find the chest with the diagram

Journal entry Edit

In his travels, Geralt happened upon the trail of a witcher named Kiyan. Having heard tale of this witcher's legendary equipment before, Geralt decided to investigate, visions of mighty armor and sharp weapons glistening before his eyes...
Gathering all the diagrams to a full set of Cat School witcher gear - "Bah!" I hear you say, "Everyone knows such a deed is impossible!" But to Geralt of Rivia, "impossible" merely means "a tempting challenge I shall surely best." While accomplishing this particular bit of the impossible, he learned the story of Kiyan, a witcher who it seems was born under a very unlucky star...

Objectives Edit

  • Find the diagrams to all the elements of Cat School witcher gear. 7/7
  • Explore the passages under Temple Isle.
  • Read the laboratory log.
  • Search the wreck of the "Flying Stag."
  • Read the mage's notes.
  • Explore the ruins of Est Tayiar.
  • Read Professor Gloger's note.
  • Explore the ruins of Drahim Castle.
  • Read Prince Adrien's journal.