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Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1 is a treasure hunt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This section covers finding the enhanced diagrams for the boots, armor, and silver sword.


The easiest way to get all the markers on the map is to buy Adalbert Kermith's first map from Blackbough's gwent merchant.

The silver sword diagram is found just inside Oxenfurt Gate. The marker here can be a little confusing as it's up on the grassy ledge area just inside Novigrad. Climb up here then, behind the trees, you should find a ladder to climb up to enter someone's home. Make your way up to the next floor and you should find the diagram in the chest here.

The armor diagram is found at Aeramas' Abandoned Manor. Head up to the top floor here and you'll find a chest with the diagram in it.

The boots diagram is found in a large cave to the east of Toderas (the same cave where Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route takes place). Head into the cave and as you near the end of the tunnel and start to reach the main chamber, you'll see the chest to the right, slightly hidden if you're coming from the northern cave entrance (if you reach the area where the survivors are you've gone too far, unless you entered through the southern entrance, in which case it's further past them).

Journal Entry[]

During one of his numerous adventures, Geralt got his hands on a map covered with strange markings. He quickly deduced that they indicated the locations of hidden witcher caches and, intrigued by the chance of discovering long-lost crafting schematics, he set out to find them.
Geralt found all the caches marked on the map and recovered the crafting schematics contained therein. With these in hand, he could add life-saving improvements to his combat gear. He did not know how many more such caches remained undiscovered in the world - but hoped one day he would have the chance to find more.


  • Find the boots upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the boots upgrade diagram.
  • Find the armor upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the armor upgrade diagram.
  • Find the silver sword upgrade diagram using your Witcher Senses.
    • Find the silver sword upgrade diagram.