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Scenes From a Marriage is a main quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion. After completing Olgierd von Everec's first two difficult tasks, he gives Geralt his third and final one: find and bring him the violet rose he gave to his wife, Iris, the last time he saw her.


The Haunted Manor[]

The last known whereabouts of Iris was at the von Everec Estate, so Geralt heads there only to find a scared thief when he arrives. Turns out, the thief's partner had gone missing while they were trying to "explore" the manor. After seeing a hulking figure in the distance, the thief runs off and Geralt explores the estate in search of the rose and the thief's partner, only to learn that someone has been maintaining the garden, even though the manor has been abandoned for years. When Geralt reaches the front door, he finds the smashed lantern that belonged to the missing thief and drag marks that lead to the back of the estate. Geralt follows the sound of digging and finds a garden with several graves.

He spots the missing thief's dead body and finds out that the murderer is an eyeless monster, only known as The Caretaker, who proceeds to attack him. Once the Caretaker is dead, loot The Caretaker's spade from him. The mysterious black cat and dog will speak to Geralt, curious as to why he's there. He asks to see Iris for the violet rose and the animals inform him that he can find the mistress inside the house, in her bedchamber.

Before heading inside, you can pick up the ornamented brush under the remains of a gazebo in the southeast corner of the garden.

Iris' voice echoes as Geralt enters the house and, as he makes his way through the house, he sees a wraith that appears briefly in a paintings. Iris' sketchbook can be picked up from a table in the room where the wraith first appears. Geralt heads upstairs, out onto the exterior walkway, and back into the house into a small bedroom, where doors to a hallway ominously opens. As he enters the hallway before the bedchamber, all the lights go out briefly before The Wraith from the Painting appears and attacks (see below Fighting Tactics section). After Geralt defeats her, he enters the bedchamber to find Iris' long dead body on the bed. After another brief conversation with the strange animals, he decides he needs to lay Iris' bones to rest so he can ask her about the rose. A Portrait of Iris and Olgierd can be picked up on an end table in the bedchamber. Geralt finds a nice spot for her grave, can say a few words, and then has the option of putting the ornamental brush, the sketchbook, or the painting on Iris' grave. Only one item can be placed on the grave and the others will be available after the quest is over. There will be a comment later by Iris about the choice you made but any of the items will work.

Once Iris is buried, Geralt summons her spirit. She magically creates a painting of the manor and enters it and Geralt follows her.

The Painted World[]

Geralt finds himself in the surreal painted world reminiscent of the estate.

Be aware that although you cannot meditate while inside the painting, if you select a time and attempt to meditate, your health will be restored despite being told you cannot do that now. Your health will also be restored if you open and then close out of the meditation panel without selecting a time. You will also use strong alcohol and replenish your potions and bombs by trying to meditate (or going to the meditation screen).

The dog and cat appear, informing him that in order to truly awaken Iris, Geralt has to complete the memories she has been denying, and destroy the fears and nightmares that bind her.

There are a total of seven memories that must be unlocked to awaken her, though there's an eighth one that, while not needed, helps give more insight and is needed to unlock the Curator of Nightmares achievement. They are the following:

  • courtyard gazebo (not needed to progress the quest)
    • Place the palette on the table and the book in Olgierd's hands
  • the fountain
    • Place the cup in Iris' hands
  • the dinner table
    • Light the two candlesticks closest to the diners, leaving the furthest unlit. Light the fireplace
  • the bedroom
    • Place the bloody rag next to Olgierd
  • the painting studio
    • Place the grapes on the left, goblet in the middle, and apples on the right
  • Olgierd's study
    • Place the candles on the circle.
    • Interact with the painting of the winter manor to escape from the fire
    • To escape from the blizzard, enter the cellar doors to the right of the main stairs
  • the estate's cellar
    • Put the mug in Olgierd's hands and the contract in the fathers hands
  • the dining room
    • Place the large bowl beside the dog, the small bowl beside the cat, and the tray in the Caretakers' hands

For each memory, Geralt encounters a frozen scene with certain elements of the scene missing. As he replaces the missing items, he causes the specters to reenact each memory, allowing Geralt to see how the couple's marriage began to deteriorate over time, how Iris' family didn't approve of Olgierd as her husband and how Olgierd tried to use magic to summon Gaunter O'Dimm to try and break the pact he forged, but it ultimately failed and set fire to the manor. Eventually, it leads to a scene where, having grown indifferent to Iris and only remembering that he was supposed to love her, Olgierd gave her the strange cat and dog for company and the Caretaker for protection.

Geralt finally reaches the final memory where Olgierd left a letter for Iris, stating he was leaving her with only a letter and a rose to remember him by as he didn't want to hurt her further. As he reads the letter, Iris' greatest fear in the ethereal form of her husband, appears and attacks Geralt.

When the battle begins, there are six ethereals that surround you, but only one is active. Once you defeat the active ethereal, one of the dormant ethereals will awaken and attack. Attacking the dormant ethereals will cause them to awaken.

After defeating the ethereals, Geralt finally meets Iris, who holds the violet rose. While the original violet rose had withered in the real world, the rose in the painted world still exists. Geralt asks her for the rose, but Iris is hesitant, not wanting to give up the last thing connecting her to her husband. The connection that Iris has to the rose is so strong that it binds her to the world, so should it be taken, she and the painted world will cease to exist.


Tw3 Iris rose.png

Geralt must now decide whether he should take the rose and break Iris' connection to the world, or allow her to keep it and remain.

Leave the rose

If Geralt decides to let Iris keep the rose, the dog and cat will be resigned to their fate to watch over her, hoping another in the future will free them. Iris will go back into her slumber, and Geralt leaves through the portal back into the real world. It is there where he finds a portrait of Iris with the violet rose which he will take to Olgierd.

Take the rose

If Geralt decides to take the rose, Iris gives it up willingly. The dog and cat are now freed from their service and, in gratitude, they give Geralt some advice. They warn him to beware of O'Dimm and, should he stand in O'Dimm's way, the witcher should "seek salvation in glass that can't be broken." Iris gives Geralt the rose and the entire painted world begins to crumble, and Geralt leaves the world before it completely vanishes.

Fighting Tactics[]

The Caretaker[]

His attacks are fairly slow and predictable, and the wider area of effect attacks are noticeably telegraphed beforehand and therefore easy to dodge. Using dodge instead of roll prevents delays of landing hits on him. However, every single hit he lands on you heals him quite strongly. So you have to avoid getting hit even once as much as possible or just use Quen if you're having difficulty avoiding his hits, and when he summons groups of dark spirits from the ground and his spade starts to glow you need to attack the spirits quickly to prevent The Caretaker from absorbing them as they will heal him rather extensively and because of this being aggressive in this fight is very important. Yrden, Axii and Igni are ineffective against him. Aard just staggers him a bit. So Quen is the only sign that is very useful in this fight. The Quen Discharge and Exploding Shield of Quen is pretty amazing in this fight if used wisely.

The Wraith from the Painting[]

Like any wraith, this one is susceptible to Yrden and specter oils. However, she has one tactic that can drag out a fight. She'll float up, making it impossible to hit her, then let out a type of scream that emits as green and a random painting in the room will then echo this color. Quickly hit the green painting to close it as it will start to heal her as she draws near it, and once she's close enough, she'll enter the painting and re-emerge from another painting at full health.


Normally only a single ethereal will be active at a time unless you hit one of the dormant ones. Try to avoid hitting the inactive ones; you will quickly get swarmed and will likely die even if you have a Severance-enhanced Whirl. At the start of the battle, you can go to the far end of the room and wait for the ethereals to approach individually — this helps you avoid activating more than one at once. The initial one is quite weak compared to the real life version if you fought him within Evil's Soft First Touches, however each successive shadow becomes more and more skilled as if showing Olgierd's progression in skill through his life. The final two are almost a pound for pound match for the real life version, so you will need to use the dodge-hit-dodge-hit fighting style and extensive use of Quen (likely with the Active Shield upgrade) to beat him. But the Dancing Star bomb will stun them. You should try to get them bunched up together by rolling back and forth through the length of the area, throw a Dancing Star bomb and jump in with whirl and a Quen shield.

Counter-attacking the ethereals is the best way to defeat them. Their attacks can be sidestepped allowing Geralt to hit the flanks. Regular strikes can be parried but not the charging strike. The powered up strikes can be parried, but it is very challenging timing to do so. If you manage it, you can get in up to three strong attacks.

Journal Entry[]

With two wishes down and one more to go, Geralt reported back to Olgierd. There he received his third and final task, which, following in the vein of the its predecessors, seemed nigh unto impossible to complete. Olgierd wanted Geralt to find and bring him the violet rose he had given his wife the last time he saw her. As this was many years ago, and flowers are not noted for their longevity, the rose had certainly disintegrated by now. Yet since Geralt had grown used to finding the unfindable and doing the undoable, he nevertheless set out to try to recover this flower of yesteryear.
Olgierd's abandoned residence was haunted by the ghost of his wife, Iris von Everec – or more accurately, by deadly spectral emanations coming from her dormant spirit. Geralt had to overcome many obstacles before finally awakening Iris' ghost from her tortured sleep so he could talk to her about the violet rose. After he did so, he traveled to the world of the ghost's imagination to revive memories repressed within it and defeat the embodiments of Iris' fears.
If Geralt takes the rose:
In short, it was one of Geralt's more unusual adventures. At its end, our hero emerged from the imagined world with a very tangible rose in hand, ready to deliver to Olgierd in completion of his wish. The price of obtaining this rose? The ultimate end of Iris von Everec.
If Geralt refuses to take the rose:
At its end, our hero emerged from the imagined world not with the rose itself, but with a very faithful likeness of it painted by Iris von Everec herself. In this way he fulfilled the letter of Olgierd's wish – the rose has been delivered, though in painted form, and with the eyes of Iris von Everec staring out of its canvas.


Note: The order in which these objectives appear may differ depending on the order on what's interacted with first.

  • Go to the von Everec Manor.
  • Search for the partner of the thief you met.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the grounds of the von Everec estate for a violet rose.
  • Find a way to get inside the manor.
  • Follow the tracks on the ground.
  • Open the gate.
  • Examine the back garden.
  • Search the estate's back garden using your Witcher Senses.
  • Defeat the estate's caretaker.
  • Search for Iris von Everec on the upper floor of the manor.
  • Examine the remains on the bed.
  • Find a fitting spot to bury Iris.
  • Look for Iris von Everec's memories and find a way to restore them.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
      • Place the items that fit the scene where they belong.
    • Search the area around the memory using your Witcher Senses.
      • Place the item that belongs there in Iris von Everec's hand.
      • Defeat the wraiths.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
      • Carefully examine the painting in the dining room.
    • Go to the painting studio.
      • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
      • Arrange the elements of the tableau vivant as they are in Olgierd's portrait.
    • Go to Olgierd's study.
      • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
      • Look around for candles and chalk.
      • Complete the partially erased pentagram.
    • Find a way to escape the fire.
    • Escape from the blizzard and find a way back into the house.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
      • Defeat the wraiths.
    • Use your Witcher Senses to find a way to restore the memory.
  • Go to the parlor.
  • Face Iris von Everec's greatest fear.
  • Defeat Iris von Everec's nightmares.


  • After you defeated the Caretaker, you can actually pick up his spade from the corpse. Decent damage comparable to other relic (Secondary) weapon near its level, and the bonus effect is 10% of damage dealt returned to you as vitality (healing you).
  • In the container next to where Iris' body is found is the relic form of both the Ornate robe and Ornate boots.
  • The painting of Olgierd and Iris can later be used to decorate Corvo Bianco if not used during the funeral.
  • Defeating all of the ethereals at once unlocks the When It's Many Against One... achievement/trophy. It's also incredibly hard since the ethereals must be taken on all together at once and can easily kill Geralt if they surround him. Bombs and special crossbow bolts can help; splitting bolts can hit multiple targets at once for some damage while poison and fire are effective at whittling down health from a distance.
  • Recreating all of Iris' nightmares in the Painted World will unlock the Curator of Nightmares achievement/trophy.
  • When you are done, none of the gates to the outside will open. The only way out is through a section of broken wall just to the right (east) of the main (north) gate.


  • Geralt says "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." when viewing a painting of the family in this house. This is the very first line in the novel 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy.
  • In one of the memories, Olgierd von Everec mentions the practice of greeting the newlyweds in their new home with bread and salt, which is a traditional practice in Eastern Europe.
  • The title is in reference to a 1973 Swedish TV mini-series of the same name.
  • In the Polish (Original) version the title for this quest is "Żyli długo i szczęśliwie" which translates to "Lived happily ever after". The title obviously comes from the commonly used ending words from fairy tales i.e. "And they all lived happily ever after".
  • The Painted World may also be a reference to a quest in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. In a quest titled "A Brush with Death", you enter a dreamlike realm with the same name.