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Oh... How lovely it burns.
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- Schirrú, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Schirrú (d. 1267) was a half-elf assassin, sought for manslaughter in Dorian by Codringher and Fenn. He hired the Nightingale gang to kill Geralt. He was also one of Vilgefortz's secret agents and partly responsible for the murders of both Codringher and Fenn.[1]


Working for Rience[]

On the last night of June 1267, Schirrú, Millet and Nazarian, on the orders of Rience, went to Dorian, to Codringher and Fenn's detective agency. After Codringher answered the door and pretended to be a halfwit servant, Schirrú used a magic scroll to bind his hand and stabbed him in the belly twice. The three assassins entered the agency, and after Jacob Fenn killed Millet, Schirrú knocked the jurist out of his wheelchair onto the ground. As Fenn struggled around, the half-elf found information on Ciri and used the oil and lecterns to burn Fenn alive, along with destroying his agency.[1]


He was captured by the Caed Myrkvid druids for trespassing in their sacred grove and burned alive inside a Wicker hag, together with Homer Straggen and other members of the Nightingale gang. This act was apparently a precedent for the Caed Myrkvid druids but it was lifted directly from people's superstitions about their practices and was meant to serve as an example for future intruders.


  • The idea of a wicker effigy used for human sacrifice is a historically documented druidic practice, see Wicker man



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