School of the Griffin, sometimes referred to as School of the Eagle, is a school of witchers headquartered in Kovir and Poviss,[3] in Kaer Seren located at the sea end of a mountain range.[5] Leo Bonhart had reportedly slain at least one of its members.[6]

History Edit

School of the Griffin was one of the known splinter fractions of the order created by Alzur and Cosimo Malaspina in the 10th century.[7] Judging by their high social etiquette,[2] the Griffins seemingly kept the original "knightly" values of the witcher order.[8] They also had nothing against killing dragons.[2]

They earned their name exterminating nearly all the griffins of Koviri mountains which had been a real trouble for the early settlers.[3]

The school used to possess important magic books in its library[5] including the Liber Tenebrarum beloved by Old Keldar.[3] Throughout the ages, the other schools respected the Griffins for their study of magic and fighting style that emphasized multiple opponents. Unfortunately, a group of mages became angry because of the Griffin's unwillingness to share the knowledge and caused an avalanche in revenge killing several witchers and badly damaging Kaer Seren.[5] Probably due to this witcher Coën was forced to spend winters in Kaer Morhen instead of his home keep.

Characteristics Edit

Griffin School equipment is of medium weight and amplifies the intensity of the wearer's Signs; as such, it is heavily implied that the school and its disciples may have specialized in the use of magic. Griffin witchers may also possess higher standards of social etiquette compared to other schools, which was mentioned in the Dragonslayer's treasure hunt quest, though this might have referred to George specifically.[2]

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