School of the Wolf, known in Nilfgaard as the Order of Witchers,[1][2] is a school of witchers headquartered at Kaer Morhen in Kaedwen.

History Edit

Settling in Kaer Morhen Edit

Before settling in Kaer Morhen witchers of the Wolf used to inhabit nearby caves in the Morhen valley.[3] In the 11th century[4] the construction of the keep was finished and its original inhabitants somehow vanished and witchers settled in.

Massacre at Kaer Morhen Edit

End of the 12th century saw massive attack on Kaer Morhen, comprising of angry mob and led by mages and priests. All witchers present at the keep were killed. Kings later condemned the pogrom, but the school never regained its full functionality.[5]

Cooperation with the Cats and the King's betrayal Edit

For some time since then schools of the Wolf and of the Cat were funded by Kaedweni monarchs. The student exchanges took place and some older witchers befriended each other. During the reign of Radowit II this practice came to an end when he ordered his soldiers to kill witchers present at the Witcher Tournament.[6]

Contemporary situation Edit

Last children were trained at Kaer Morhen in 1230s. Knowledge about Trials and mage assistants eventually vanished since then. By the 1260s the only of the "old" (pre-pogrom) witchers of the Wolf was Vesemir. He, and a couple of younger ones, used to spend the winters in the keep.[5]

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