The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael
  • Special - Geralt chooses who goes first at the start of a round.

The Scoia'tael is a flexible and really interesting deck that requires a great deal of skill to play properly. Where the Nilfgaard and the Realms are truly straightforward and the Monsters are pure brute force comprised of monsters, the Squirrels focus on combining debuffs that affect the enemy units like the Weather cards, along with a moderately strong assortment of units.


Units with Agility can be deployed in either the Close or Ranged combat rows, giving you tactical flexibility: Field a debuff against a strong enemy unit set, then counter with your own units in unaffected rows. Another advantage of the deck is that Geralt get to choose who plays first. While the AI usually chooses to be the first to play its cards, it's usually more advantageous to let the opponent play when you turn. You also have access to Muster-type cards like the Monsters but not just restricted to Melee, allowing for greater tactical flexibility.

In general the Scoia'tael does not have as much raw point strength as the other decks due to a lower number of high-point-value cards and a limited number of cards that multiply their own strength; they do have Muster-type cards for swarming but no where near as many as Monsters. However, due to the Agility trait on a large number of their cards they can effectively dodge Weather effects in the Melee or Ranged rows and line up very large groups of units in one row to use Commander's Horn (gwent card), making them by far the most efficient at using the strength that they have. However, this also means that against an opponent that can hit both the Melee and Ranged rows with weather and follow up with a strong set of Siege units whose strength can be protected - particularly the Northern Realms deck - Scoia'tael will get resoundingly crushed.



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