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Some planet conected with witcherverse durin 2nd conjuction

The Second Conjunction of the Spheres was an event which occured at some time between 1270s[1] and 1370s.[2] Same as ages ago, multiple dimensions and timelines crossed each other bringing new beings and possibilities to the World.

The Exodus of the Elves

It was during the Second Conjunction when the majority of Aen Seidhe left the Continent and the World permanently.[3] Ard Gaeth opened on the Great Sea and the elves sailed to the portal in hope to find a better world. Not all of them managed however – many ships had sunk in the unimaginable storms or were destroyed by previously unknown kinds of monsters, while the others never had found the Gate and were forced to settle on the Western Continent instead.[4]


Even after the Conjunction ended, the region where the Gate had been opened remained dangerous and peculiar. Known as the Mad Sea, it is a quiet, misty part of the ocean. Travelers traversing its waters can sometimes see reflections of otherworldly islands, such as the Malus Island. Few dare to do so however because of the Verge, which is a fog-covered border dividing the Mad Sea from the rest of the Great Sea – the border populated by sea monsters of all kinds, where the Power still resonates in unpredictable ways.

The witchers emerged once again to protect the people from monstrosities. New schools have been founded, including the School of the Crane – and new codes of conduct have been created, such as the "Codex of the White-Haired" followed by witchers in Fabiolan countries.[4]


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