Seven Years' War was a conflict in the late 11th century[N 1] during which Redania lost sizeable territory. Temeria seized Novigrad and Pontar Delta, while a coalition of northern countries occupied Nimnar and Buina valleys.

The war's course

Apart from splendor which he conveyed upon the Redanian Dynasty, the reign of Vestibor the Proud was rather indolent. Seeing the opportunity, Temerian Army marched across the Pontar and took control of strategically vital Pontar Delta and Novigrad, forcing Vestibor to relocate the capital to Tretogor.

On borders to the north, Redania lost fertile valleys of rivers Nimnar and Buina after being unable to defeat the coalition of northern countries.[1] Redania thus also lost a direct way to Kovir, theoretically still a vassal that worked tirelessly on its own profit and autonomy.[2] Only relations with Kaedwen were good as Vestibor's wife was Caitlyn of Kaedwen.[1]


Radovid II, the successor of Vestibor, cared more about trade and exploration.[3] Only Vestibor's grandson, Radovid III, won back the lost northern valleys and pushed borders some more. Negotiating with Temeria, he reached a compromise and Novigrad became a free city.[4]


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