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Sha was a strange mute girl who for a few hours was the wife of Prince Ethain.


One summer, a huge number of ships sailing into Cidaris began to sink because of kraken attacks. Soon after the kraken's first appearance, an odd boat with an equally strange white-haired girl named Sha was found ashore. Believing her to be sent here by kraken, King Mathen thought that the attacks would cease after marrying Sha to his son, Prince Ethain. He pretended before his subjects that Sha was a noblewoman from beyond the seas House de Molay and referred to her as Lady Sha de Molay of the Kraken coat of arms. Though no one really believed that, it was easy to his subjects to pretend as well – mainly due to her muteness and the kraken blocking the port.

During the wedding reception however a servant rushed into the throne room and informed them that the kraken had attacked again, this time destroying an entire fleet. Enraged, Mathen accused Sha of lying and ordered her thrown into the palace dungeon. Feeling deceived, the king sentenced her to be fed to the kraken the next morning.

Numerous people gathered on the shore as soon as the sun appeared on the horizon. A couple of men started to push a boat with tied Sha out to the sea but were stopped by Ethain in full armor. Even though he did not love her, he felt obliged to protect her from horrific death. Mathen ordered him to go back to the palace immediately and during their dialogue the kraken appeared again causing tremor. Ethain went straight to the abandoned boat and started untying his wife. Mathen ordered guards to stop him and about a half of them rushed to do so while the other half sided with the prince. Using the overall chaos to his advantage, Ethain freed Sha and she hugged him while crying. She touched his cheek, gazed upon his eyes and jumped straight into the ocean, causing the kraken and the waves to disappear miraculously.

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