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Shadow People, or the story of His Majesty's Secret Service is a missing work penned by Oribasius Giafranco Paolo Reuven. It is said to describe the unrelenting efforts of Sigismund Dijkstra, head of the Redanian Secret Service during the Second Nilfgaard War with Nilfgaard. It might be the definitive work on the conflict.

The Witcher

Contains information about international politics and key players in the intelligence game in Temeria and extending to neighboring kingdoms.


Shadow People, or the story of His Majesty's Secret Service
by Oribasius Giafranco Paolo Reuven
"Redania's political situation was best grasped by Sigismund Dijkstra, who could accurately foresee the future and would have assessed present events level-headedly.
Dijkstra knew the kings of the North were weak and that actual power rested with the sorceresses. He assumed that a counterbalance for their magic could only be provided by a strong religious cult offering an ideology that would appeal to the masses and possessing real armed forces.
The chief of Redanian intelligence supported the newly-formed Order of the Flaming Rose, but disagreed with the concept of establishing its main commandery within Redanian territory. Dijikstra is reported to have said: "It's good to have fanatics and sorceress-scarers on one's side, but it's even better when they live beyond one's borders.
Fundamentalists always cause trouble, so it's best to transfer this trouble to somebody else. Like the Temerians, for instance. And if we need fanatics, if we need to unleash them against the sorceresses or Nilfgaard, we'll just whistle. They will not be far — just beyond the border." Time will tell how much truth there was in these words."

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  • This book can be given as a gift to the bootblack (who turns out to be its author, Ori Reuven) in exchange for the Prophet Lebioda's signet ring.
  • You can acquire this book if you decide to kill Thaler in Chapter III, but by then you will not be able to locate the bootblack.
  • The book can not be sold.
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