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Shaerrawedd (Elder Speech: Shaerra's Child) was an ancient elven palace which lay in the forests of Kaedwen, before it was destroyed more than two hundred years ago.[1]

At the heart of the granite and marble palace was a fountain and a rose bush covered with beautiful white-lilied flowers, adorned with silver drops on the petals, a symbol of hope for the elves.[1]


Elven elders, remembering the cruelties of the wars with humans, destroyed the palace to prevent invaders from building a city on the foundations as they had with so many other cities. The elven youth objected to this solution. In 1060s, despite the warnings of previous generations, young Aelirenn led her peers into a final suicidal assault against the humans, which resulted in her and her army's noble death--and the future downfall of elven race, as only the young elves are able to reproduce.[1][2]

In 1266, Geralt of Rivia and Ciri travelled through Shaerrawedd, discovering evidence of elves that had visited the ruined palace, possibly to pay tribute to Aelirenn.[1]


  • The name is likely a nod to the famous Sherwood Forest; the name formed of Old English elements scir (bright, clear, shire) and wudu (wood), and thus being "bright forest".


  1. Blood of Elves refers to the palace and its gardens as "Aelirenn's".