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Shaerrawedd (Elder Speech: Shaerra's Child) was an ancient elven palace which lay in the forests of Kaedwen, before it was destroyed more than two hundred years ago.[1]

At the heart of the granite and marble palace was a fountain and a rose bush covered with beautiful white-lilied flowers, adorned with silver drops on the petals, a symbol of hope for the elves.[1]


Just over two hundred years ago, the elf Aelirenn, who was later known as the White Rose of Shaerrawedd, led a final suicidal assault against the humans, which resulted in her and her army's noble death.[1][2]

After the second elven-human war, the elves themselves destroyed the palace to prevent humans from building a city on the foundations as they had with so many other cities.[1][2]

In 1266, Geralt of Rivia and Ciri travelled through Shaerrawedd, discovering evidence of elves that had visited the ruined palace, possibly to pay tribute to Aelirenn.[1]


  • The name is likely a nod to the famous Sherwood Forest; the name formed of Old English elements scir (bright, clear, shire) and wudu (wood), and thus being "bright forest".