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Places Shanis House
Places Shanis bedroom

Shani's house is located just adjacent to the market area known as "Merchant Street". The building is owned by Grandma who takes a keen interest in anyone trying to visit the medic. It is also home to Alvin in Chapter III, if Geralt chooses Shani as the boy's guardian.

Whenever Shani is at home, and of course, if Geralt and Shani are on speaking terms, he can stay for free. Shani hangs out there before and after work during Chapter II, and in Chapter III she seems to be permanently in residence, or not speaking to the witcher.

Journal entry Edit

It's easy to find Shani's home as it's located by a statue of the Rod of Aesculapius. The building is owned by an old lady with a difficult personality — one has to curry favor with her to get inside.

Associated quests Edit

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