Shevlov's Free Company under Sergeant Shevlov's command was a law enforcement unit in Redania's service during the reign of King Vizimir II. The unit was tasked with enlarging the borders of Redania's Riverside province at the expense of those of the Temerian province Pontaria. Shevlov's Free Company liked to extort, harass and even burn down villages in the locality, despite being forbidden to do so by the king. Though their orders were to collect taxes, 'correct' the borders and drive opposing forces away, the company would also attack and sexually assault villagers whenever the mood took them.

During one excursion expanding the Redanian borders, they were ambushed by the mage Sorel Degerlund and his henchmen, including the hunchback Pastor and the giants, Bue and Bang. During this attack, most of Shevlov's Free Company, including Shevlov himself, were killed.

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