There are two documents in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with the name short letter.

Short letter from Novigrad Winery

Associated Quest

Journal Entry

Janne, please - cut out this nonsense at once. This might come to you as a surprise, but a giant cat will tend to stick in people's memory. Why don't you pick some other, safer form, like I did? I've been walking around as a beggar for three years now and no one's batted an eye. And such earnings! You wouldn't need to steal anymore. So, how'll it be? If you decide on it, I'll put in a word for you with the King of Beggars.
Till our next meeting,
P.S. Burn this letter once your read it, all right?
P.P.S. Yes, yes, I know - I'm paranoid. But humor me and burn it.
P.P.P.S. If find this letter next time I come see you, you owe me a beer.

Short letter from Ard Skellig

This Short letter is among the remains of certain mercenary known as "Master Sigvard", along with some random items. His corpse is placed on the southern shore of a small lake southeast of Sund.

Journal Entry

My Dearest Master Sigvard,
I have received your letter. I thus now know that you have a great many doubts regarding the contract I have offered you - and that you clearly suffer from gross misconceptions regarding the nature of a mercenary's trade, something which, given that this is a trade you yourself profess to practice, constitutes a highly puzzling paradox.
So let me inform you that a mercenary is not paid for asking questions or listing reservations, but for performing a concrete task. This task was described in simple, unambiguous words: you are to capture a siren - alive - and bring her to me. If you will not perform this task, you are of no interest to me. As to why I need this siren, or what I intend to do with her, that should not be of any interest to you. If these conditions do not suit you, I am sure I will find another man who will not refuse my coin.
-Count de Botton
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