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Sigo Buntz, mage and sorcerer in residence at the court at Pont Vanis. This tower was to be me new home. Bought it in an auction, you see.
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- introducing himself to Geralt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Sigo Buntz was a Koviri mage who, in 1272, was sitting on King Tankred Thyssen's court and lived in Pont Vanis.


One day a fellow mage, Gottfried Stammfeld, passed away and his relatives sold off all his property, including his tower. As the price was too good to pass up, Sigo bought it and went exploring in his new home. However, while he checked out the tower, the tower's Defensive Regulatory Magicon kicked in: a magical defensive mechanism that, when it detected an intruder (that is, not Gottfried), it proceeded to lock down all access and killed off everyone with various mechanisms. Sigo became trapped in one of the rooms and with Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire in another location, was unable to get out to disable the DRM.

If Geralt comes along and helps: Thankfully Geralt came in to investigate the tower, though Sigo wondered why the witcher was in Kovir only for Geralt to reveal that the tower had teleported to Skellige. Realizing it was another function of the DRM, Sigo was able to get Geralt to retrieve the grimoire and disable the DRM. He then thanked the witcher and told him if he ever visited Kovir he should drop by to see him before teleporting Geralt back to Urialla Harbor and then teleported the tower back to Kovir.

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