Disambig-icon This article is about the generic term. For the weapons in The Witcher, see The Witcher silver swords. For the weapons in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, see The Witcher 2 silver swords. For the weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see The Witcher 3 silver swords.

Silver sword is a specialized sword within the Witcher lore that is primarily used to combat supernatural enemies. As the name suggests, silver is the crux of the weapon's special properties, as many beings are especially vulnerable to it.


Traditionally, a witcher uses two swords, with the silver sword only meant for certain kinds of monsters and other supernatural foes, like necrophages, therianthropes, cursed ones, shapeshifters, wraiths, and vampires. The steel sword would stand in when raw physical power is an obvious choice.

The "silver" swords which witchers make for themselves (or contract swordsmiths to make for them) are traditionally made from meteoric iron, which is then coated in silver and inscribed with magical runes. A purely silver sword would be entirely too soft and therefore useless. It is still very delicate however so witchers have to use them carefully - for example, crossing with another sword would easily damage it.


Silver sword is one of two primary means of combat in all 3 games, accompanied by the steel sword in which both weapons occupy separate equipment slots; switching between the two can be done outside the inventory screen and even mid-action.

Silver and steel swords each can inflict damage to a certain type of enemies that the other couldn't. Unlike the books, silver swords are used to fight any post-conjunction creatures and supernatural beings, like trolls and giants, whereas humans and non-humans are faced with the steel sword, although exceptions like the Wild Hunt do exist.

Design-wise, silver swords in the game usually have pinching crossguards, forming the letter 'Y' with its grip. This was likely done as a visual aid to clearly show which weapon Geralt is holding at the time. Geralt himself is not limited to his starting witcher silver sword, as players can acquire many different ones throughout the three games.


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