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And hands off the girl! Whatever we may be, we're not savages.
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- Sweers defending Ciri from Trappers

Sir Sweers from the Sweers family was a Nilfgaardian knight and initially the apparent leader of the Trappers, a gang of slavers, who saved Ciri from the Korath desert while she was walking on the riverbed of the Suchak. He was the sworn enemy of the Varnhagen clan, which he met on their way back from the Korath desert. Unlike the Trappers, he was nice to Ciri and tried to protect her so that she would reach Emhyr var Emreis safe and sound. He failed in his task as he was killed (unascertained) playfighting Two Tusks and the Blue Knight from the Varnhagen family, his family's sworn enemies.

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