Sjusta is a local tailor, merchant and barber in Kaer Trolde Harbor on Ard Skellig. He has the "Yaevinn" gwent card and is eager to play. He uses the Northern Realms deck.

Sjusta has the option available to give Geralt a haircut, although he claims it is something he does not do very often. Regardless, he can give many different hairstyles that are standard to the game.

He can also be overheard discussing business with a number of NPCs. One example is a warrior in Sjusta's shop talking with Sjusta about a banner he wants him to repair. Sjusta inquires about this in a shocking tone since the banner is one of the Nilfgaardian Empire, to which the warrior explains he acquired it during a raid on some Nilfgaardian forces and he planned to use it as a rug in his home.

Associated Quests


  • Sometimes when a player asks to play Gwent with Sjusta, two lines of "Let's play Gwent" appear and will cause the game to crash if one tries to actually play him.
    • A known workaround for those on PC is to enter the following into console: addfact(cg200_sjusta_defeated)
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