Skjall's Grave is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When Ciri learns that Skjall has died since their last meeting, she decides that she must find his grave and pay her respects.

Journal entry Edit

When Ciri and Geralt reached Hindarsfjall, Ciri mentioned she wished to visit someone very special to her, a young man named Skjall who had helped her flee the Wild Hunt. Yennefer and Geralt exchanged grim looks and gave Ciri the tragic news: Skjall was dead. Fighting back tears, Ciri announced she was going to visit his grave.
It turned out brave Skjall was not treated with the respect he deserved after his death. His body was thrown in a ditch like a rotting animal carcass. Offended to her very core, Ciri pulled his corpse out of the ditch and buried it with Geralt's help near the cemetery. This violation of custom aroused the disgust and outrage of nearby Skelligers, to whom Skjall was a disgraced outcast. Ciri remained intransigent and refused to give any ground to local sensibilities. All in all, it was an unfortunate incident that could have been handled more, hm... delicately.

Objectives Edit

  • Meet Ciri in the Hindarsfjall cemetery.
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