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Bestiary Entry[]

If you ever find yourself facing a monster that breathes fire, strikes with a tail tipped with venomous spines, bites with sharp teeth and swipes with even sharper claws and tends to knock its prey to the ground with a sonic blast, then you are fighting a slyzard. With an arsenal like that, it comes as no surprise folk often mistake these draconids for dragons. Yet the experts (meaning witchers) know slyzards constitute an entirely separate species, much smaller than dragons and far less dangerous. With one exception: slyzard females in mating season, or, even worse, just after laying their eggs. When fighting such individuals, my suggestion is to get as far as possible from the danger as quickly as possible, preferably by running, at full tilt, without looking back.

Associated Quest[]

Combat Tactics[]

  • Make sure to use your crossbow or Aard to force it to land
  • Quen can be used to make up for a missed dodge or hard hit
  • Make sure to equip draconid oil on your silver sword
  • Grapeshot bomb can be used to knock down a slyzard or to make it stagger