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Sorel Albert Amador Degerlund more often called only Sorel Degerlund was a talented young mage from Rissberg. He was the ambitious assistant of Ortolan, as well as one of the most respected of the guild. He had long hair and effeminate type of beauty, the result of which was a very attractive looking young man for what both women and men, which allowed him to achieve many goals and favor of Chapter.

He was fascinated by banned experiments, which takes an active part. Giving an impression of a talented magician, able to sacrifice a lot for his career. After a long series of murders of coalmen and farmers in the surroundings of Rissber, the mages Algernon Guincamp and Harlan Tzara hired the witcher Geralt of Rivia to investigate on this strange case. At first they thought that Sorel, using the Goetia, summoned a demon, which later escaped and started killing everyone he met.

One day the witcher, when he was patrolling the terrains where the massacres happened, found the mage Sorel senseless and covered of blood and guts; around him dozens of bodies were lying to the ground. Once the mage woke up, he started crying and desparing for what just happened. The witcher, understanding that the demon took the control of Sorel and killed everyone, spared Sorel's life and told him to teleport to Rissberg, in order to process him for what he did.

The mage however, instead of teleport him and the witcher to Rissberg, teleported to his hideout and poisoned the witcher with a syringe. Here Geralt, paralyzed by the powerful poison, learned that the story about the demon was just a bait, the demon never actually existed: to make those terrible murders were Bue and Bang, two Ogre-Troll created exact by Sorel, and Pastor, a skilled crossbowman.

Sorel's plan to kill the witcher however, didn't work: the witcher mutations neutralized the toxins and Geralt freed himself, though Sorel teleported him soon after away from his hideout.

Later, he was sentenced to house arrest in the Citadel (in reality, this was just a ruse to look like the Rissberg mages took care of him). Geralt eventually found a way into the Citadel and killed Sorel for his actions.

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