Stamina governs not only physical stamina, but is also related to Endurance and group style swordsmanship. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes. The full Stamina attribute tree can be found below.

Attribute tree

Click on any of the attributes below for a more complete description or scroll down to see each level.

Stamina (level 1)HeavyweightMutationStamina (level 2)AbsorptionPoison ResistanceEndurance RegenerationStamina (level 3)Endurance RegenerationPain ResistanceReviveStamina (level 4)Stun ResistanceBrawnAltered MetabolismStamina (level 5)Potion ToleranceAdded EnduranceCharDev Stamina

Talent bronze Level One

CharDev Stamina 1

Stamina (level 1)

CharDev Stamina 1 1


CharDev Stamina 1 2


Talent bronze Level Two

CharDev Stamina 2

Stamina (level 2)

CharDev Stamina 2 1


CharDev Stamina 2 2a

Poison Resistance

CharDev Stamina 2 3

Endurance Regeneration

Talent silver Level Three

CharDev Stamina 3

Stamina (level 3)

CharDev Stamina 3 1

Endurance Regeneration

CharDev Stamina 3 2

Pain Resistance

  • Pain Resistance +50%

CharDev Stamina 3 3


  • Duration of Stun effect caused by assailant −50%

Talent silver Level Four

CharDev Stamina 4

Stamina (level 4)

CharDev Stamina 4 1

Stun Resistance

  • Stun Resistance +50%

CharDev Stamina 4 2


CharDev Stamina 4 3

Altered Metabolism

  • Pain Immunity
  • Poison Immunity
  • Resistance to Bleeding +25%
  • Attack +25%
  • Dodge +25%
  • Only works when Poison effect in Geralt is caused by a potion
  • This enhancement stops the continuous loss of vitality given by Poison

Talent gold Level Five

CharDev Stamina 5

Stamina (level 5)

CharDev Stamina 5 1

Potion Tolerance

CharDev Stamina 5 2

Added Endurance

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