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These mods were created to ease storage issues which crop up during the game, but mostly in Chapter V. They alleviate the problem by adding a "storage" or "innkeeper" role to characters who are available when other storage options are not. The Kalkstein mod replaces the alchemist's merchant function with a storage function. The Dentist mods give the storage function to Zahin Schmartz, the dentist.

Kalkstein mod

cspider created this mod using Kalkstein in the Old Vizima area (instead of Dandelion, whom you part with as you leave the Vizima dike). The "storage keeper" role replaces the merchant one due to in-game limitations (stores and storage can not co-exist in a single character template).

  • The mod affects two files: cn_kalkstein13.dlg and kalkstein_q1_5.utc.
  • This mod is based on v1.2 patch, but may also work with 1.0, 1.1 and 1.1a patches.
  • Usually, the store keeper is an innkeeper (except for Dandelion), hence the name of the mod.

It may seem that just adding a branch in dlg file should be enough, but it is not so. The shopkeeper and storekeeper functions share a common field in utc file: "StoreRef". For the character to function as a shopkeeper, the field should refer to a corresponding utm file; to function as a storekeeper — it should be set to "storage".

Dentist mods

Movez created a similar mod, but with the dentist, Zahin Schmartz, acting as a storage keeper instead of Kalkstein.

You may download the mod through the rapidshare link above. Extract the archive to DATA\OVERRIDE folder in the Witcher directory. You may have to create the OVERRIDE folder if it does not exist.

Yeryry's version of the dentist storage mod, made with the official editor leaves the "rest" option that Zahin had already.

A dentist mod by wretchx is available here. It is compatible with the Full Combat Rebalance mod.

A dentist mod for the vanilla game is available here. This mod will keep the "Rest" option and will make sure the "Storage" option is only displayed during Chapter 5 (not in Chapter 3). Extract both files to Data\override folder.


These mods are provided "as-is", without any implied warranties. You may use them at your own risk.

Tools used

  1. UnBIF 1.0 by Csimbi to unpack game data.
  2. GFF2XML by cspider — to convert dlg and utc files to human-readable format.
  3. KGFF by Tk102 — to modify the files.
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