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"Do you really wish to know?"
Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!

The Stranger first appeared outside of The Borsodi Brothers' Auction House and suggested that he and Geralt of Rivia might be able to help each other get back into the establishment.

Journal Entry[]

Geralt's auction-going experience ended in catastrophe. Not only was he summarily tossed out on his venerable witcher rear end, he also failed to learn anything about Maximilian's House. Then, while pondering his next step, he was approached by a mysterious stranger. This man did not say who he was, where he was from, how he knew of the witcher or how he had found him. All he would reveal was that he could help Geralt gain access to the auction house vault – without asking the owner's permission. The stranger proposed they meet somewhere more secluded so he might explain his plan in greater detail.
The mysterious man was planning to break into and rob the auction house. He claimed the subject of Olgierd's wish – Maximilian's House – was to be found inside its vault. Though the witcher usually refused to engage in criminal activities, he came to the conclusion he had no choice but to agree to work with this secretive gentleman.
During the break-in the mysterious stranger was revealed to be none other than Horst Borsodi's brother, Ewald, who had disappeared years earlier. This family reunion was no joyous event, however. Rather than grasp hands and pat shoulders, the brothers immediately reached for each other's throats.

Associated Quest[]