Strangers in the Night is an unmarked secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


On the banks of the river east of the Eternal Fire Chapel and west of the Vegelbud Residence, are three men around a campfire: Manfred, Rufus, and Theophile Maria Rosco. You may approach and talk with them, but note that if you don't back out after introductions, someone will be killed.

If you sit down to talk, introduce yourself as Geralt if you don't want to be attacked. If you refuse to state your name, Rufus and Manfred get suspicious and will attack you, leaving you no choice but to kill them both.

After introductions, you can choose to leave now or ask about the world. This is your only chance to butt out and leave with no one dying (earning 25 Tw3 icon xp).

If you ask about the world, Manfred shows he's very knowledgeable about what's happening with the war, making Rufus suspicious and then decides to try and arrest Manfred, who refuses to go without a fight. You can tell Rufus "hands off the merchant" which will mean you have to kill Rufus (earning 25 Tw3 icon xp) or tell them both to calm down.

If you choose the latter, no matter your next choices Manfred will die, the only difference are the rewards:

  • If you refuse to help, you get no Tw3 icon xp or reward and can't attack Rufus as he kills Manfred.
  • If you choose to help Rufus, he gives a random diagram as a reward after killing Manfred, along with 25 Tw3 icon xp.

Journal Entry

This quest has no journal entry.


This quest has no journal objectives.


  • If you sided with Rufus, he would note that Manfred had Nilfgaardian florens, confirming his accusations. However, as Manfred is a merchant, there's nothing outright suspicious with him having Nilfgaardian currency.
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