Strength attribute governs not only physical strength, but is also related to Vitality and strong style swordsmanship. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes. The full Strength attribute tree can be found below.

Attribute tree

Click on any of the attributes below for a more complete description or scroll down to see each level.

Strength (level 1)BuzzTrue GritStrength (level 2)PositionRegenerationBrawlStrength (level 3)VigorKnockdown ResistanceSurvival InstinctStrength (level 4)Resistance to BleedingStone SkinAggressionStrength (level 5)Wound ResistanceAdded VitalityCharDev Strength

Talent bronze Level One

CharDev Strength 1

Strength (level 1)

CharDev Strength 1 1


CharDev Strength 1 2

True Grit

Talent bronze Level Two

CharDev Strength 2

Strength (level 2)

CharDev Strength 2 1


  • Parry + 10%

CharDev Strength 2 2


CharDev Strength 2 3


Talent silver Level Three

CharDev Strength 3

Strength (level 3)

CharDev Strength 3 1


  • Vitality + 2 per character development level

CharDev Strength 3 2

Knockdown Resistance

CharDev Strength 3 3

Survival Instinct

Talent silver Level Four

CharDev Strength 4

Strength (level 4)

CharDev Strength 4 1

Resistance to Bleeding

CharDev Strength 4 2

Stone Skin

  • Armor + 5

CharDev Strength 4 3


Talent gold Level Five

CharDev Strength 5

Strength (level 5)

CharDev Strength 5 1

Wound Resistance

  • Wound Resistance + 25%

CharDev Strength 5 2

Added Vitality

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