The Witcher

Effect Stun


Stun is a critical effect with the following characteristics:

  • Geralt is incapacitated, i.e. control of Geralt is temporarily ineffective.
  • Opponents can kill Geralt with one hit (coups de grâce using ordinary swords or simple finishing blows using non-witcher style weapons).
  • When stunned, enemies' attacks are temporarily stopped as they remain afflicted.

Enemies who have less than 33% of their vitality left may be stunned and/or knocked down by any short weapon attack. Nevertheless, as with heavy weapons, they can not be used in stun-finishers, meaning that while Geralt performs a finishing move, only increased damage is dealt but the opponent will not die as a result unless the damage exceeds current vitality.

Stun boosters

Stun resistance

Opponents who use stun

Opponents with immunity

Opponents with resistance

Opponents with susceptibility

Weapons which stun


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Steel swords

Additional weapons


The Witcher Role-Playing Game

You are stunned, your head reeling and vision swimming. You can't take any actions while stunned and anyone attacking you only has to beat DC:10 to hit you. To end this effect you must make a Stun save. �is roll takes your whole turn. If you are struck while stunned you snap out of it immediately.

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