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Disambig-icon.png This article is about a region in the North. For the city with the same name, see Sturefors (city).

Sturefors is a region centered around the city of the same name.


The following is based on The Witcher Thursdays and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works or R. Talsorian Games' official The Witcher Role-Playing Game line.

Early settlement[]

The first humans appeared during the Conjunction of the Spheres in the form of numerous Dauk, Migwesk[1] and Wozgor tribes.[2] During the first half of the 9th century, the area was also explored by Skelliger traders and mercenaries.

In the 10th century, the kings of neighbouring Yamurlak, themselves hosting an influx of Redanians from the south, sponsored the Nordling colonization of Sturefors and other northern territories. Settlers from Redania and Yamurlak flooded the harsh yet relatively monster-free area of the north; instead of swearing fealty, they established their own tiny realms in the area, Sturefors among them.[1]

East March and Hengfors League[]

Sturefors eventually became a part of the East March of Kovir and Poviss, and was governed by castellans on behalf of the March's margraves from Houses of Harcourt and Thyssen. When the March collapsed during the Defenestration of Hengfors, Castellan of Sturefors Alan Korber aided the last margrave's son Audoen in recapturing Hengfors city, and in return obtained the title of a count and a parcel of land in the city.[1]

Following the expulsion of the Order of the Flaming Rose from Hengfors League, Niedamir granted northern areas of Sturefors region to Knights Stirruppers, making them guardians of the League's wildest border.[3]

Geography and climate[]

Sturefors is situated in northern part of the League, touching the snowy Dragon Mountains.[3]

Notable places[]

Notable people[]

  • Alan Korber


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