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Sukrus was a mercenary from Skellige living in Novigrad around 1272.


Sometime prior to 1272, he worked for Éibhear Hattori, but when he asked the elf for extra payment, the elf didn't give him any and the two parted ways.

Sukrus's sister, meanwhile, had married a merchant who convinced Sukrus to help bring Skellige mead over and they'd earn a nice profit. However, when Sukrus did all the heavy work and got it to Novigrad, the brother-in-law started bringing up additional overhead costs, refusing to pay anything out to Sukrus. Eventually, the two had a "chat" at The Golden Sturgeon where they were busying fistfighting one another over the payment.

If Geralt intervenes and helps Sukrus: Still mad and with the brother-in-law knocked out now, Sukrus turned to the next closest person, Geralt, and the two had a brawl before one of them was defeated. However, like a typical Skelliger, Sukrus invited the witcher in for a drink and to patch things up and offered his services if the witcher would help him deal with his brother-in-law.

Once Geralt helped him get even with his brother-in-law, Sukrus readily agreed to be Hattori's bodyguard, who paid off his debt as well to the Skelliger, smoothing things over. A short time later, Hattori asked him and Geralt to help "recover" some supplies from one of Ernst van Hoorn's warehouses, and thus Sukrus headed out to scout the area.

Shortly after Geralt came out of the warehouse, van Hoorn and some bandits appeared, along with his brother-in-law. However, when van Hoorn threatened Sukrus, his brother-in-law sided with Sukrus.

If Gearlt runs off during the fight: Unfortunately, Sukrus was overwhelmed by the bandits and was likely killed.
If Geralt helps during the fight: With the witcher's help, the three fought off the bandits. Afterwards, he and his brother-in-law made amends and, before van Hoorn could regain conscious, bound him up to be sent to Skellige.

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