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We move out at once.
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- Svanrige, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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Svanrige Tuirseach[1] was the proud firstborn son of King Bran and his wife Birna. Following his father's death, he became the formal leader of Clan Tuirseach and jarl of the vast territory of An Skellig.


In 1272, Svanrige and his mother were present at the funeral of his father Bran. At the feast in Kaer Trolde celebrating his passing, Svanrige hid in the room of Hjalmar an Craite, by instruction of Birna, while the vildkaarls attacked the feast hall.

In the investigation following, suspicious of his mothers actions, admitted what she had done to the jarls, condemning Birna to a sentence of death.

If Geralt refused to help Cerys or Hjalmar an Craite during the quest King's Gambit: Svanrige was crowned as the King of the Skellige Isles and established the first hereditary dynasty in the Skellige Isles.

Journal Entry[]

A Hard life awaits the child who cannot escape his parents' shadow. Following the death of his father, the beloved King Bran, Svanrige became the formal ruler of Clan Tuirseach, which controlled vast territory on the isle of An Skellig.
Yet this quiet and mild-mannered young man seemed firmly tied to the apron strings of his mother, Birna, who sought to control his every waking deed. With such an overbearing caretaker it was hard to imagine how Svanrige could ever grow into a man able to rule a mighty Skellige clan in his own right.
If Geralt does not intervene during King's Gambit:
Svanrige's election as ruler of Skellige was a rather unexpected turn of events. It was widely thought to have been the result of backroom maneuvering by Birna, who used the chaos in the aftermath of the other claimants' deaths and the shame that fell On the an Craites to achieve her ambition of placing a puppet in her control on the Skellige throne.
It thus came as a great shock for her when young Svanrige showed his claws and tore up the humiliating treaty with Nilfgaard she wanted him to sign - and then washed the shame of this near-submission from the isles with the blood of their eternal enemy. This blood simultaneously wiped away any doubts whether the new king was worthy.

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  • Svanrige in the original version of the story was Crach's bastard son, discovering this information had an impact during King's Gambit.[2]




  1. His name has previously been presented as Svanrige an Tuirseach, most likely in error. In other sources, his father and uncle, Bran and Eist, are referred to simply as Tuirseach and not an Tuirseach. His name was amended to Svanrige Tuirseach in the 2018 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.
  2. Leaked CD Projekt Red materials from 2014

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