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The following is based on Andrzej Sapkowski's non-Witcher lore and its exact relation to the Witcher universe remains unknown.

Svergs are an ancient humanoid race listed amongst the Longaevi, resembling elves and gnomes in appearance. They are gifted alchemists and magic practitioners.


Svergs are described to be short in build, with pointed ears as of the elves. They are characterized by their fish-like eyes and the skin that is almost transparent on faces and hands that their blue veins are visible from under it.

For humans unaccustomed to the sight of other races, svergs may be mistaken for gnomes.[1]


  • They appear to be based on Svartálfar, the Dark or Dusk Elves of the Norse mythology. The Continent's analogue to Svartálfar seem to be the tribe of elves referred to as Black Seidhe by Nordlings, supposedly the ancestors of Nilfgaardians.
  • Another possible root for sverg is Old Norse sverja ("to swear").


  • The race appears only in the Hussite Trilogy by Andrzej Sapkowski, so it is unknown whether they are known on the Continent. A sverg named Skirfir is an assistant of Birkart von Grellenort, the series' main antagonist.