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Syanna's Gang was a gang based out of Nazair that had formed sometime prior to 1275.


When Syanna was still a teenager, she was cast out of her homeland of Toussaint and left for dead on the edges of Caed Dhu. As luck would have it though, some of the gang was camping in the area and when the former princess found them, instead of hurting her, they took her and took her back to their home in Nazair, where Syanna joined their gang and quickly rose through the ranks before eventually leading them herself.

Like a typical gang, they took part in the usual criminal activity like stealing, fencing, and killing, but with her thoughts still on Toussaint, Syanna eventually decided it was time to return around 1275 and make those who hurt her all those years ago pay for their misdeeds.

Syanna used the group to do her bidding and blackmailed her former lover, Dettlaff, into killing the four knights that had escorted her out of the duchy as a teenager. She also used some of the men to barter for Sangreal wine and to try and steal back the Heart of Toussaint, both of which she believed to be her birthright. However, the latter item turned out to be the group's undoing as it pinpointed her as the mastermind behind all the killings. The group was eventually massacred during a combined attack by Geralt, the Toussaint Ducal Guard, Regis, and Dettlaff on Dun Tynne Castle.

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