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Szlifierz kości which could be roughly translated as grinder of bones is a creature which was part of the early design for the third game, but was dropped later.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Image within leaks

Szlifierz kości was supposed to appear during the game's development in 2013 - 2014 but beast was removed around this time.[1]

Information from leaked materials[]

Giant, blind human. Lives among dogs.
  • Role in the group: overseer of his minions
  • Preferred behavior: blind - attacks even if no target is near (special "blind attack" animations are required). Tries to hear the target (see below).
  • Special attacks and actions:
    • Blind strong attacks - his attacks are slow paced but deal high damage. The monster is blind, it attacks in the general direction of the player, it doesn't chase the player, but approached him slowly and performs random attacks on the way.
    • Blind Charge - if player is in specified distance and makes a "loud action" (casts a Sign, throws a bomb, makes a dodge or starts running) Szlifierz will try to charge in this direction. If player gets hit, high damage and knockdown effect is applied. Player can cast Quen to protect himself from damage, but not the knockdown effect. Player can dodge. If the monster hits a wall it will be stunned for a while (it kneels).
    • Summon dogs - this is the first action in combat. Szlifierz summons a pack of dogs, that will attack his opponents. Szlifierz can summon a maximum of 2 packs of dogs in the whole fight. After second pack is killed, he stops summoning dogs.
  • Defence
    • Huge creature - doesn't play hit animations when it is in the middle of an attack animation (duration animevent).
  • Vital points:
    • Instant kill
      • Piercing the heart - is available only, when the monster kneels (see below) (cost: 5 points).
    • Protection: none.
    • Critical effect/disable ability
      • Striking the knee (kneecap) - makes the monster kneel every X seconds. If he kneels new vital spots are present. When kneeling, the Szlifierz cannot rotate, but can attack targets in front of him (cost 2 points).
    • Massive damage
      • Piercing the liver - deals high damage (cost: 2 points).
  • Immune to: Silver, Aard, Axii
  • Vulnerable to: Steel and Fire spells