Szpony i kły (English unofficial translation Claws and Fangs) is a collection of short stories awarded in the contest organized by Nowa Fantastyka magazine on the occasion of the 30st anniversary of publishing The Witcher short story.


The foreword titled Dziedzictwo Białego Wilka (The Legacy of the White Wolf) was written by Marcin Zwierzchowski and a note on the last page of the cover by Andrzej Sapkowski himself.

The collection consists of the following short stories:


SuperNOWA, Polish publisher, faced backslash in press and social media due to misleading decision of using Sapkowski's surname in the same way as on Sapkowski's own novels.

The stories met various reception. Andrzej Sapkowski said he had read them with pleasure and some of the authors could become great writers; he admitted reading only some of the stories though.[1]


  1. Sapkowski's 2018 panels during Warsaw Comic Con and Polcon
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