Take What You Want is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It only becomes available if Gaetan is spared in the DLC quest Where the Cat and Wolf Play....


Head to the location north of Keira Metz's hut, where you'll find 3 bandits standing around the entrance to Gaetan's stash. Kill them off, then climb down into the hole where the chest is right there, containing 250 Oren3.png, Teigr, and a letter, completing the quest. However, you can also examine the trophies in the small alcove as well if you wish.

Journal Entry

Gaetan probably hadn't expected that Geralt would spare his life. Out of gratitude, he told Geralt where he'd hidden a stash of goods and said he could take from there whatever he wanted. Then the two witchers parted ways - and never met again.
It turned out local bandits had found Gaetan's stash first. Yet before they could seize it and liquidate its assets, Geralt liquidated them.



  • Despite this quest only being in Velen, the quest log shows the "multiple locations" icon.


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