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Tavar Eggebracht was the quartermaster of the Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp situated in Velen and the cousin of Colonel Tibor Eggebracht. He is also a Gwent player and, curiously, uses the Northern Realms deck.


While he likes order, he's not strictly adherent to them. If Geralt investigates what happened to Hrodeberth, Eggebracht can be bribed to reveal that his group wanted to desert and thus, the ones they caught were hanged while the rest fled into the swamps. However, if he reported the ones that fled as missing, it'd require resources he didn't have to find them and so he wrote down that they'd all died instead. This same leniency for order doesn't extend to Geralt's services however, and Eggebracht will outright tell the witcher he won't haggle as he needs to keep the ledgers in order.

He also doesn't appear to place any value on lives during war. If Geralt investigates what happened to a missing Nilfgaardian patrol, he finds out that the group was actually taking Redanian prisoners of war out into the swamps and killing them. When pressed about it, Eggebracht explained that he felt it was giving them an honorable death, at least for soldiers who got themselves captured in the first place, as he couldn't afford to feed them.

Journal Entry

The Nilfgaardian Tavar Eggebracht came from a family with a long military tradition. His ancestors had proudly served under the Golden Sun banner during the conquests of Maecht, Geso and Metinna, fighting and dying for their emperor.
That last fate was met by Tavar's cousin, Colonel Tibor Eggebracht, who fell in the Battle of Brenna during the previous Northern War. Despite this fact Tavar felt no hatred for Nordlings, considering his cousin's death a grievous yet inevitable consequence of war.
He performed his duties as quartermaster diligently, with the good of his soldiers his top priority.

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